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Spray Painting DryerJack To Match Roofing


To help the DryerJack blend into the roof, use the mill finish model and paint it to match. A paint & primer spray paint like Rust-Oleum works best...(read more...)

Does Venting Upwards Leave Lint On Your Roof?


One of the most common questions about DryerJack is "won't this leave lint on your roof?" While it is a valid concern, venting through the roof is not most people's choice. Sometimes it is their only option...(read more...)

Ductz Features Several Products At The NJAA Show


Ductz air duct cleaning and HVAC restoration services recently showcased The Dryerbox, DryerWallVent, Dryer-Ell, DryerFlex and The Defender at the NJAA trade show...(read more...)

The Top 5 Reasons To Install The DryerJack


Here are the top 5 reasons to install The DryerJack...(read more...)

Birds And Roof Dryer Venting


People often pose the question of how to keep birds from nesting in their dryer vent's exterior exhaust. The DryerJack helps keep the birds out. How?...(read more...)

When Less Is More - Airflow Restriction


The old saying goes "less is more". When talking about airflow restriction within dryer ducts, this is especially true. One of the goals for the makers of DryerWallVent and DryerJack is to design a dryer duct system that shoots for zero airflow restriction...(read more...)

Why Would Someone Vent Through The Roof?


Why on earth would someone vent their dryer through the roof? Unfortunately, there are some scenarios where roof venting is necessary and The DryerJack should be used for the termination...(read more...)

What Makes DryerJack So Special?


DryerJack is a low-profile roof dryer duct termination vent. What does that mean? ...(read more...)

From Dryer To Dry Air


In-O-Vate Dryer Products has been re-engineering your dryer venting needs for over 20 years. The most popular solution is the Dryerbox, which is installed in over 4 million homes. This simple metal receptacle allows you to locate the washer and dryer flush against the wall without crushing the hose....(read more...)

Success At IBS


IBS Show Success! In-O-Vate had another successful showing at IBS in Orlando, Florida from January 9th-11th, 2018. The booth was manned by our own staff, who were proud to show off all of the prod...(read more...)

IBS - NAHB International Builders Show 2018 - Join Us!


In-O-Vate Technologies will be available for questions and product demonstrations at IBS in Orlando, FL. Swing by our booth at S1423 (see map in full post) to chat with our friendly staff....(read more...)

New Year, Safe Home


With the 2017 holidays coming to a close, it's time to make your 2018 New Year's resolution. This year, why not make it about your home? It's a much easier resolution to decide to spruce up your house than the usual weight loss or bad habit commitments. If you really wanted to give up cheesecake, why wait until the new year? Having a duct cleaner come in and clear out your dryer's exhaust system is an easy choi...(read more...)

Happy Holidays From In-O-Vate Technologies


With so many other fire hazards that are present during the holiday season, it may be easy to overlook the laundry room. Your ducts should be cleaned yearly, and if you have guests staying with you, it's important to ensure their safety. In-O-Vate's family of dryer-centric safety products will assist you in preve...(read more...)

Small Company, Big Impact


The impact of small business on the economy is astounding. There is usually one aspect that is more desirable than the big name store, but that is not enough to keep it in business for long. Small companies that sell a unique product sometimes don't have enough buzz to stick it out, either. Unless, of course, the product is something that people respond to seeing it with "Why didn't I think of that?" In-O-Vate Technologies, Inc. is one of these companies making a big impact with patented inventions....(read more...)