01 - Safe & Efficient Roof Venting

Dryer Roof Vent
Safe & Efficient Roof Venting

DryerJack® is engineered specifically for the demanding requirements of roof venting a dryer.

Airflow Efficient
Pest & Weatherproof
Code Compliant

02 - Code Compliant

Finally a Code Compliant Choice

One of the biggest contributors to dryer lint fires is vent restriction.  Because code forbids the use of screens and requires a damper for dryer exhaust, installers previously had to alter the vent and / or settle for bad performance.

Today, you have a code compliant option right out of the box.

03 - Built To Last

Builder Discussing Made in America
Built to Last

Every DryerJack is built tough in the USA.

Well-made heavy gauge Galvalume® (available powder coated) helps stand the test of time.

And, it's good to know they're made by people just as proud of building in quality as those installing them.

04 - Zero

Maximum Airflow Efficiency
Bottom Schematic Tools for Testing Airflow Efficiency Lab Tested Efficiency

Collar positioning, curved damper and interior dimensions all work together to free the dryer to perform at peak efficiency.

05 - Weather

Weather Proof Roof Vent
Protection from the Elements

The watertight collar (silicone sealed) extends above the nailing flange. Combined with the hood shape, damper design and built-in gutter system, DryerJacks provide added protection against water intrusion.

Efficiency Through the Roof

Shorter duct runs, created by venting the dryer straight through the roof, can improve drying efficiency and lessen lint buildup. Until now, however, there were no roof terminations that met all of the stringent dryer venting requirements. The new DryerJack® is engineered specifically for dryers. They meet or exceed all code requirements and deliver superior airflow efficiency.

Built to the same quality standards as the Dryerbox®, DryerJack performance stands the test of time.

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Model 466—Low Profile Roof Vent
Low profile aesthetics and maximum airflow efficiency.
DryerJack Model 466

Roof Vent Advantages

  • Airflow Efficient
  • Easy Cleaning Access
  • Built Tough in the USA
  • Damper Design Protects Against Pest Entry

Model 486—Extra Clearance Model

DryerJack Model 486
Taller for higher profile tile or moderate snowfall zones.